We are a small research group working on the systems neuroscience of olfaction and memory.

We’re intentional about creating a positive, professional, and ambitious lab culture. There are new projects starting and room to grow, so there are opportunities to join at all levels.

Meet the Team

Kevin Bolding

Principal Investigator

Kevin Bolding portrait

Ian Chapman


Ian Chapman portrait

Moona Kim


Moona Kim portrait

Wisdom Iwueze


Wisdom Iwueze portrait

Sandra Lin

Student Researcher

Wisdom Iwueze portrait

Quincey Daniel

Drexel Co-Op

Wisdom Iwueze portrait

Open Positions

We're currently recruiting.

The primary criteria are to be highly engaged by systems neuroscience research and have a strong interest in the questions our lab is pursuing. Experience with large-scale in vivo electrophysiology, calcium imaging in freely-moving animals, quantitative behavior analysis, machine learning/statistics, and computational/theoretical neuroscience is valued.

Want to join? Contact Kevin Bolding to set up a chat.